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How to Get Heartfelt Testimonials from Clients?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

When clients come to me for rebranding, I love to send them ours before and after look book. In the PDF we have compiled the best transformations that we feel will prove to potential clients that we are the firm they should choose to redo their logo and website with.

As consumers, we want to believe that the service or product we’re purchasing is going to provide a real change in our lives. Whatever it is we're buying, we are looking for it to take us from one mental state to another. We look for proof of that by going to Yelp or reading reviews on Amazon.

And when we find an amazing product, we can’t help but to SPREAD THE WORD!, Right? 

We are naturally born to tell others of the great service we just purchased!

We are a people seeking transformation, but we seek proof to back it up.

We are people finding transformation, and we can’t help but to tell everyone.

This is why testimonials are very important in business. They give witness to the transformation.

I’m reading the book of Acts in the Bible with some friends and we’re on chapter 4. Here we see Peter and John being taken to jail and judged the next day for performing miracles in the name of Jesus. Peter and John both experienced Jesus, saw miracles, received the Holy Spirit, and now they can’t help but to tell everyone about it.

"As for us, we cannot help speaking about what we have seen and heard.” (Acts 4:20)

How can we create raving fans in our businesses? I believe that happens once we realize how our business fits into the bigger picture God has for us and His mission in this world: spreading the gospel of Jesus.

Once I began to align my company mission with the mission of the church, my business began to change. I treated clients differently, I put more love into my work, I provided more value to my customers, I cared more about their success. I literally transformed in front of many of my clients, who knew that my level of service wasn’t like this before.

Now is when I’m beginning to experience true testimonials from my clients. They are genuine and heartfelt. They will refer me clients and help grow my business the natural way. All I have to do is keep on being the change.

You too have the ability to do this in your business. Personally, I only know of one way of getting you there: through a true relationship with Christ. You can read my blogs until you’re blue, you can even memorize them. Heck, you can hire me to do your branding…but nothing will change without the power of the Holy Spirit within you that will reveal the true identity and purpose of your business.

Imagine if we were all on the same page, of the same spirit, leading businesses of true transformation!

Godpreneur Rule #25: A Godpreneur first seeks to be the change.

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