When Is the Right Time to Finally Launch Your Christian Blog?

Updated: Jan 26

I have a love-hate relationship with entrepreneurship. I love that the marketplace is always changing, so there’s always something new to launch!

However, sometimes I just want to stay in my safe and secure stage of business, but I know I can’t stay if I want to keep up with the times.

Our worldly nature is to seek security and avoid change. It’s a defense mechanism. But as entrepreneurs looking to influence others, it’s a good idea for us to keep our hearts prepared for change because… change is a guarantee.

There are reasons we’re called to stand our ground when the pressure mounts in our businesses, but many times God is calling us to take a risk. 

How do we know when it’s time to finally GO and launch our personal brand? And if we already have launched, how can we sense it’s time to go to the next level or launch the next product or service?

The answer is…when we feel restless where we are, that could be God planting a divine desire in us to serve Him in a new, surprising way!

The Bible says,

"If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them."(James 4:17 NIV)

God’s calling can’t be ignored. He created every human with a purpose to accomplish, and if things are going to be different on Earth, people need to step into their calling.  This is why it’s a sin for people to ignore and NOT do what they were born to do.

God has inspired YOU to serve a specific group of people (target market), with an idea (business plan), to solve a problem (niche), in a certain area (marketplace). God is calling you to finally LAUNCH that idea for your personal brand!.

If you have a hunch, you need to follow it. Embrace the adventure into the unknown.  And the best way to make this leap of faith is to get a good running start with a group of other Christian entrepreneurs launching and growing their personal brands (you’re in good company here at Daily Godpreneur).