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Got Sidetracked from Launching Your Christian Blog? Here’s How to Get Back to God’s Bus

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

I’ve been building my Christian personal brand since 2014. I was also running my branding and marketing agency at the same time.

It’s not easy to launch a personal brand while also running a business. From one day to the next, a client can call with a massive project, forcing me to put my “pet project” to the side so I can make some money.

Just like that, my desire to get out there with my “signature product” has been derailed…again… 

I know I’m not alone because I’m in the business of launching people’s personal brands…it’s a struggle we all share!

Entrepreneurship is like the Miami weather in the summer – one moment it’s clear skies, and the next moment there’s a hurricane.

The danger with this “unpredictable storm” is that it could lead to a place of us asking ourselves “why would God make it so hard for me to do what I feel He’s calling me to do?”

To make matters worse, when we do finally launch our Christian personal brand, we don’t get the number of subscribers we sought or purchases we predicted. This can REALLY derail even the most faithful church-goer! When we start going through some very real trials on our personal brand journey, we question why God would allow it. We may even fight back tears of anger and frustration and think, “How can I represent a God I can’t trust?”.

Our questions and doubts hit at the heart of one of a Christian entrepreneur’s biggest decisions: Will we trust that God is good even when business is not?

Our response to pain and challenges along the personal brand journey determines so much about our future success (or failure).

The Bible tells the story of doubting Thomas. He didn’t believe Jesus was resurrected until Jesus shows up and proves it by showing Thomas his piercings and scars.

But then Jesus tells Thomas one of the most important lessons for all Christianity.

Then Jesus told him,

“Because you have seen me, you have believed; blessed are those who have not seen and yet have believed.” (John 20:29 NIV)

Faith in entrepreneurship requires trust in a plan from God that’s not always predictable or understandable by our human standards.

If you’re honest, you too want irrefutable proof of God’s providence on your personal brand journey – especially if you’re doing it for the Kingdom!  You want proof in a number of followers, subscribers, likes, comments, and retweets. You want the proof in sales and joint ventures. 

We tend to think we wouldn’t be going through a struggle of launching and growing a Christian personal brand if God were really with us.  We may even think putting God in the brand was a mistake. But that’s not it. With Jesus is in our brand’s boat, the storms of solitude may still rock us, but we won’t sink. He’s with us, both in a successful launch and in the worst-case imaginable…nobody listens. God is with us. God is for us. Who can be against us? 

Let’s all trust God with whatever we’ve been holding back on our Christian personal brand journey. 

Let’s trust Him with our future product launches. 

Let’s trust Him with our virtual assistants. 

Let’s trust Him with our social media channels. 

Let’s trust Him with our followers. 

Let’s trust Him that he’ll provide financially!

Let’s trust God without a doubt that we’re on the right path!


Let’s pray: 

Heavenly Father, we trust You with the personal brand we’re starting and other things we’re stopping. We trust You with where we’re staying and going in Your name. We trust You enough to give our business life to serve and connect to the people you’ve entrusted us with. We trust You are present with purpose in the midst of our entrepreneurial storms. Thank You for being with us, guiding our steps, and giving us a calling to be Your light in the marketplace. Amen.


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