Finding Out Your Blogging Style

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Bloggers that I coach are dying to know what my secret is to writing that keep Christian business owners coming back for more.

The truth is, God made us all uniquely and this means the style you write in is unique to you, and the way your reader learns is unique to them.

But one thing is true: Christian entrepreneurs want material that is relatable and interesting, that tells a great story, or teaches them something valuable from the Bible.

Here are 10 different writing styles for blog posts that will engage your Christian entrepreneur readers.

Personal Narrative

A personal narrative style essay is a written account of a true story of something that happened to you.

This is usually how I write at Daily Godpreneur.

Some bloggers (and maybe your pastor too) use a strategy called creative nonfiction in which the writing infuses elements of drama or humor to punch up the story without destroying the true and accurate account of events.


I’ve seen a lot of mommy blog use the confessional style of writing. It generally tells a highly salacious or dramatic story in a confession style tone that is intended to irritate or shock. This style doesn’t always portray the exact truth in the name of highlighting shock value, which makes it different from personal narrative.


Investigative Christian business bloggers seek to answer questions, mysteries, and business problems that are of great interest to readers. Writers use this style of blogging to unravel stories happening in industries and marketplaces. This typically uses a formula of writing that has the reader following clues and facts toward the resolution at the end of the post.


A listicle – or list style post – is a simple bulleted blog post that gives a list of reasons, ideas, products, statements, or really anything that is neatly tied together under the theme of the headline. This is great for teaching and guiding readers that want quick lists. An example would be a post called “10 Great Christian Business Bloggers to Follow”.