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Blogging While Keeping the Appropriate Posture

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

When I think of posture, I think about the way I’m standing. I know that if I want to perform at my best in a sport, or if I want to make sure my back is healthy, keeping proper posture is important.

Posture also has another important definition. As a noun, it means a particular way of dealing with or considering something; it’s an approach or attitude. As a verb, it means to place (someone) in a particular attitude or pose.

When I approach my writing, the way I “posture” myself and God is important, especially because one word from my writing can be the difference between success and failure for an entrepreneur.

We Christian business bloggers need to make sure we are writing very carefully. God is entrusting us with His thoughts, and as beautiful of a thing it is, it carries a responsibility to treat it with the utmost respect.

So what is the proper posture God wants us to have? This posture of writing is for us to make sure our words are communicating God’s will always.

The bible says:

My heart is stirred by a noble theme as I recite my verses for the king; my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. (Psalms 45:1 NIV)

Throughout the Psalms, you will notice that the psalmist never wrote carelessly. His poems were his works, things he made – like a carpenter that makes a fine and useful piece of furniture.

Your blogging is supposed to cost you something. Your writing is good material, therefore requires good workmanship.

This means that before writing, you have to prepare your heart and mind. You have to digest what you want to say because it’s about to represent God!

Your writing is your own, what you’ve personally been through with God. Your posture should be that of a ready writer, not just to pump out another post out of obligation or speed, but for exactness, elaboration, deliberation, and skilfulness expression.

The holy spirit should fill us with enthusiasm, and therefore, our writing will be as perfect as the most skilled writers.

We get to sit down calmly and write for the King of kings! This is posture.

Not everyone was blessed with the skill of blogging for God. We shouldn’t restrain from the river flowing through us. Our hearts were gifted to glorify God through our writing. Like the Psalmist, our writing is poetry to the King’s ears, to enrich the service of Godpreneurs doing business God’s way.



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