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See Your Blog Posts as a Record of Your Improvement

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

When I started writing to Christian entrepreneurs, I quickly understood two major things were happening.

First, I was recording my business history for eternity. This means my children and their children would always be able to know what I went through.

Second, by writing and using God’s word, I was showing everyone that I didn’t make it on my own, but that God did the work.

As Christian bloggers called to speak into the lives of Godpreneurs (Christian entrepreneurs), our calling is to be faithful with the gift of teaching and discernment that God has given us. We can accomplish this by recording our business teachings electronically on the web for the world to see… FOR ETERNITY!

We get to report on our faith, our lives, and of our gifts and talents so that generations will be impacted forever.

The bible says:

Let this be recorded for future generations, so that a people not yet born will praise the Lord. (Psalms 102:18 NLT)

Someone wrote the Psalms above thousands of years ago. We’re still being influenced by it today.

What you’re writing will impact lives. Maybe not at the beginning since nobody starts with thousands of active readers. But over time, your writings will be read.

We need always to remember that we’re recording the promises of God as weblog to Christian entrepreneurs. God sees it all, and we will never know the real impact our writing will have in this generation or the next.

We need to record our journey with God. He will bring that teaching to the right person to demonstrate His faithfulness to you.

Christian Business Blogger Rule #1 – My writings are a record of God’s Word and faithfulness to me.


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