How to NOT Quit on Your Christian-Based Blogging

Updated: Jan 26

Not many people know this, but back in 2017, I was seriously considering hanging up the hat on this Godpreneur brand along with the agency I’ve had since 2005 to get a 9-5 job. I looked online for positions, I applied for a couple, and I even went in for an interview.

It was the lowest point in my business life. Bills had piled up, clients weren’t calling, and I was lost in the direction of my Christian personal brand.

I often think about how different my life would be had I given up at that time. My story would go something like “Yeah, I HAD a calling over my business life, and I have it my all but it didn’t work out. Oh well, that’s life.”

As Christian entrepreneurs looking to launch a personal brand that will unashamedly put God first, we WILL wrestle with occasional challenges in different seasons of our business: a client we don’t think we can stand another day, a partnership that’s suddenly gone wrong, a dream that’s running out of money to fund, a product launch that’s failed our expectations.

When we face difficulties in pursuing our personal brand calling, it’s natural to reconsider our huge, business-altering decisions. We might ask questions like these.

  • Should I take my chances, leave this burning desire of mine, and look for another way to make money?

  • After I failed attempt…again…is it time to move on?

  • Am I really cut out to be a personal brand influencer for God? Should I cut my losses before things get any worse?

In each of these examples – and with most major choices on our pilgrimage of Godpreneurship – we find ourselves at a pivotal fork in the road, and it’s time to decide to stay the course or walk away.

At this moment, we have to ask ourselves: Are we choosing to quit because it’s the right thing or because it seems like giving up would be easier?

The Bible says: