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The Prodigal Entrepreneur

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

I don’t know about you, but when things start to go great in my business, I do less praying and seeking of God, and more marketing and seeking of money.

But then the roller coaster takes a dip, and the pipeline dries up and we find ourselves scrambling for the next check.

But God will do whatever it takes to bring us Godpreneurs back into communion with Him.

In the famous story of the prodigal son, it took a series of events before the rebellious boy “came to his senses” and decided to return to his dad in repentance. He ran out of money, was deserted by all his so-called friends, and was starving. He found himself working in a pigpen, hungering for the miserable seedpods the pigs were eating.

It’s easy for us to think, ‘well that boy deserved it after what he did!’.

But you and I become prodigal sons with the times are good, and God will do whatever it takes to bring us back….even if it means drying up your bank account, taking away your biggest client, or removing a superstar employee. The blow can come in 100 different ways, but I’ve learned to love these moments where God is really showing He loves me and is jealous for my attention.

And you know what? When I come back, He has new visions and messages for me, and I’m stronger than before.

Godpreneur Rule #74: Sometimes it takes difficulties in our business to drive wandering entrepreneurs back to God.

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