The Perfect Morning Routine for Christian Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 2

Do you want to learn how you can transform your creativity, performance, utility, wealth and productivity?

It’s time we reclaim our morning time and elevate our spiritual and business lives.

Just rising at 5 a.m. alone won’t do it. You could rise at 5 a.m. and waste an hour scanning social media and checking messages, but that won’t optimize your day.

What will work is the formula of activate, meditate, and educate.

In 2014, I started waking up between 5am and 6am to do my Bible reading and blog on Daily Godpreneur. It’s how I’ve been able to write over 600 blog posts and 4 books.

I don’t spend any other time writing than the 1-2 hours I spend on personal development in the morning.

The first hours of the day are where superstar Godpreneurs are made. If we want to master our spiritual, physical, emotional, and business intelligence, it’s only going to happen by owning the mornings.

We’ve all read the morning disciplines of the ultra rich and successful. Every single one of them will attribute their success to a disciplined morning routine.


Because while everyone is sleeping, we have total freedom from distraction. This openess to the morning will allow us to do some fitness, meditate, build our creativity, and protect our time with God.

The Battle for Morning Time is Serious

Protecting our time with God in an age of distraction and opportunity overload is what’s really at stake here. The enemy came to sever our relationship with God and he uses the morning to rob us from that quality time we need for our mind, body, soul to align with God and His purpose and calling for us that day.

The Bible says

"The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light." (Romans 13:12)

God gives the morning time as an opportunity to let go of the past and arm up for the day’s work ahead. The mornings will let us shed negativity and put on positive protection.