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The Perfect Morning Routine for Christian Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jul 2, 2021

Do you want to learn how you can transform your creativity, performance, utility, wealth and productivity?

It’s time we reclaim our morning time and elevate our spiritual and business lives.

Just rising at 5 a.m. alone won’t do it. You could rise at 5 a.m. and waste an hour scanning social media and checking messages, but that won’t optimize your day.

What will work is the formula of activate, meditate, and educate.


In 2014, I started waking up between 5am and 6am to do my Bible reading and blog on Daily Godpreneur. It’s how I’ve been able to write over 600 blog posts and 4 books.

I don’t spend any other time writing than the 1-2 hours I spend on personal development in the morning.

The first hours of the day are where superstar Godpreneurs are made. If we want to master our spiritual, physical, emotional, and business intelligence, it’s only going to happen by owning the mornings.

We’ve all read the morning disciplines of the ultra rich and successful. Every single one of them will attribute their success to a disciplined morning routine.


Because while everyone is sleeping, we have total freedom from distraction. This openess to the morning will allow us to do some fitness, meditate, build our creativity, and protect our time with God.

The Battle for Morning Time is Serious

Protecting our time with God in an age of distraction and opportunity overload is what’s really at stake here. The enemy came to sever our relationship with God and he uses the morning to rob us from that quality time we need for our mind, body, soul to align with God and His purpose and calling for us that day.

The Bible says

"The night is far gone; the day is at hand. So then let us cast off the works of darkness and put on the armor of light." (Romans 13:12)

God gives the morning time as an opportunity to let go of the past and arm up for the day’s work ahead. The mornings will let us shed negativity and put on positive protection.

The Perfect Morning Routine

So what’s a great routine you can follow in the mornings to encompass body, soul, mind, and business growth?

It’s something I’ve been working on for 5 years, and I want to share it for the first time. This has provided incredible results for me, and it can for you too!

The formula is to activate, meditate, and educate.

Activate – 20 Minute Morning Fitness

The first thing I knock out is a 20 minute fitness routine.

Since I’m at home (I don’t suggest going to the gym unless you have a gym at home), I put on a 20-minute or less yoga or core exercise routine. Personally, I need to work on my flexibility and core, so I chose this.

You can do any type of fitness you want. The important thing is to sweat. Research shows that cortisol, the hormone of fear, is released in the sweat. Also, our brain cells are repaired and new connections are formed by the protein BDNF that is generated by sweat.

By sweating in the morning, we’re getting rid of fear and getting our minds ready for what’s next.

Meditate – 20 Minute Meditation

Immediately after the workout, I lay flat on my back and begin my next 20-minute morning routine of meditation. Before the complexity of my day emerges, I reflect on what is most important to me.

I find YouTubers, apps, and music to guide this meditation time. I found Tony Robbin’s emotional flood process to be good to listen to here.

You can play worship or whatever gets you into a deep state of rest and relaxation. The point is that immediately following the peak state of physical fitness we follow with an equally but opposite powerful period of deep solitude and peace.

Once again, research shows that meditation helps lower cortisol (the hormone that produces fear), therefore reducing your stress. Meditation also helps you develop the ability to stay calm, which is probably why we see Jesus reflected as a calm person.

Since the forces of darkness want to distract us from our calling with constant notifications and messages, it’s important that you shut it all out to hear from God and download His visions, dreams and inspiration into your mind. Enjoy this moment of silence for your spirit’s replenishment and assignments for the day.

As I come out of meditation, thoughts have come to my mind. I take these thoughts as divine downloads. I have a Google doc where I write down the following thoughts:

  1. My current ambitions

  2. the things I’m grateful for in my life

  3. My frustrations and disappointments.

This habit of journaling my thoughts helps me understand where God is trying to take me by letting go of toxic, negative energies and replacing them with His visions for me.

This journaling takes me less than 3 minutes. It’s fast as long as you have a place easily accessible to write the thoughts.

Educate – 20-60 Minutes to Read the Best Business Book on the Planet – The Bible

Now it’s time for the GOOD STUFF!

We need to take time daily to grow.

For me, when I saw the Bible as a big book or business knowledge, I pretty much stopped reading any other business personal development books and replaced it with the Bible.

We all need to grow in our knowledge, this is the time where we educate ourselves.

Before starting my Bible time, I’ll say a quick prayer to myself and open myself up to what God wants to teach me today.

By reading the Bible, you are learning about the lives of great achievers! We’re reading their biographies! We learn about human psychology – God’s way!

You can choose to watch teachings (like those in my Godpreneur Academy or on my YouTube), or listen to the Bible app audio devotionals.

One thing every great Godpreneur has in common is a love of learning from the Bible.

BONUS TIME – 30 Minutes of Blogging

I didn’t put this as part of the 3 steps of a great morning routine, but I’m throwing this in there for bonus content for those of us that are bloggers.

As Christian bloggers, this is NOW the time where you can write your content for the day. This is how I got to 600 blog posts and 4 books. I would immediately take what I learned and write a blog post.

This helped me commit what I just learned to memory. It also became the content of the little mini empire I’ve built around Daily Godpreneur.


In Conclusion

So there it is folks, the secret to my morning routines that have helped me grown 100 times more in the last 5 years than in the previous 10 years.

This is a perfect morning routine for someone who want to be a true Godpreneur.

Set your alarm for 4:45 (get to bed by 10pm) so you have 15 minutes to wake up, drink a cup of water, make coffee, and prepare for your workout.

An early morning routine is an incredibly powerful way to bring new focus, productivity and creativity into your spiritual walk and business life.

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