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How Christian Entrepreneurs Battle Distractions to Stay Focused

Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I know what I’m born to do. Want to hear it?

I help people find their identity. I help, either directly or indirectly, people and businesses see what their purpose is in this world.

Essentially, I was born to help other people see what they were born to do.

Fun stuff, right?!

And I have a clear plan of how to be rich and build wealth for my family: help as many people in the world as possible with the gifts and talents that were given to me.

How rich do I want to be? $100K? $1M?

That depends on a bigger question: how many people do I want to help? 100K? 10M?

See, I’ve learned that if we focus on the task of helping as many people as possible, the riches will follow.

But even though we can have the best intentions of helping others and grandiose ideas of solving world problems, the reality is that if it was easy, everyone would be doing it.

Entrepreneurship is not easy. And Godpreneurship is 10X more difficult because you’re in the thick of the battle between good and evil.

So what happens when the riches don’t follow right away? What happens when we are trying really hard to help others, but the bills pile up and it’s so hard to focus on the bigger picture of helping others?

How do we stay focused on helping others amidst the twists and loops of the entrepreneur roller coaster?

I have the answer: keep your eye on the prize.

There’s a funny picture of Michael Phelps and a swimmer that my friend @luthegolden created after his 2016 Olympics.

Michael Phelps has his eyes on the prize. The other swimmer has his eyes on a 6’4″ 194lb problem.

In the book of Acts in the Bible, we follow Paul along the establishment of the early Christian Church.

Here’s an entrepreneur that understood the principle of being rich, but a different kind of way.

Paul was storing his wealth in a savings account that he would later redeem when he got to heaven. He endured many pains and hardships, but he did it all to invest in his eternity.  His prize was waiting for him later.  His riches came from investing his time in every person he invited into his home to preach the gospel: what he was born to do.

Although Paul lived a tough life, it seems that he did it with a joy and satisfaction…a sense of purpose and dignity. He didn’t live lavishly, but he lived fully.  He didn’t live like royalty on earth, but he knew one day he would sit on the throne next to Jesus. That hope is what drove his every action and helped him live the entrepreneurs dream: knowing what he was born to do.

His born to do dream is what fueled him through every battle and storm.

This is why it’s important for you and me to find out what we were born to do and simply focus on it.

We need to be the best at it. We need to bring together all of the resources we can to make it happen.

When we find out what we were born to do, and then help as many people as we can, we will experience the joy that will bring the riches that God has prepared for us, either riches that will be enjoyed now or later.

Godpreneur Rule #27: Godpreneurs know what they were born to do and only do that.

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