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Identity as the Core of Most of Our Business Problems.

Updated: May 1, 2021

I made a huge breakthrough in my business that forever altered the purpose and passion I felt towards the services I offer.

I make websites and logos. Well, that’s what I used to tell people BEFORE the breakthrough. Websites and logos are the overall deliverables that entrepreneurs think they need in order to launch a business.  Yes, of course this is true.

But when I came to know God, and sought after His will over my life and my business, I began to ask myself “why does God care about logos and websites when there are medical mission trips I could be focusing on.” I thought what I did was so trivial compared to ‘real world problems’ to solve.

But as I started to know God more through daily prayer and Bible reading, I began to learn about a side of God I had no clue existed: God cares about IDENTITY. He cares that each of us are doing what we were born to do. He cares that we’re in the business He designed us for because it’s part of His bigger plan.

See, the plan all along for me was to make logos and websites because… that’s IDENTITY. I give people an identity. I’m doing God’s will.

That’s when I stopped telling people I do logos and websites and started saying that I’m a Branding Specialist. Branding is the art of expressing outwardly what an entrepreneur feels internally. It’s bringing to life the vision within.

We can all make a connection to God’s greater purpose and His will for our business. But this can only happen if you FIRST know God’s greater purpose.

In my case, God’s greater purpose (with or without me) is for people to know what they were born for and to do just that and wrap their identity around that.

We all struggle with identity. God knows that, and willed people like me to help his children discover, uncover and recover that lost (or never found) identity.

The Bible says:

“From heaven the Lord looks down and sees all mankind; from his dwelling place he watches all who live on earth— he who forms the hearts of all, who considers everything they do.” (Psalms 33:13-15)

I think a lot of us feel somewhat lost and too insignificant to be used by the creator of the universe.

Listen, God has a good and perfect will for you and your business.

You might be in a place where you totally know it.  Stay connected to God always because that will comes in seasons and will adjust and change.

You also might be in a place of total loss and confusion.  That’s the enemy keeping you from accomplishing all that you’re designed to be.  Every day you don’t spend trying to get to know God is another opportunity for the enemy to keep you on a path that God didn’t design for you.

We all have the same choice: we can keep looking at the service or product we offer as a means to an end (money in the bank) or we can see the same offerings through God’s bigger purpose and let that drive us to continue to innovate and offer the best solutions that God (through you) has to offer.

What is most difficult for you to believe about the way God rules over the world?

How confident are you that God has specific purposes for your business?

Godpreneur Rule #36: Godpreneurs are confident that God has a specific purpose for their business.

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