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How Past Business and Marriage Problems Are Blocking Your Growth

Updated: May 27, 2021

When I started my first business, it was my two best friends and me. We set out to build an amazing agency. One was (still is) an extremely talented graphic designer. The other was (still is) a genius in digital marketing.

When one of them left for a full-time position at another company, I was hurt.

Then when the other followed him a few years later to the same company, I was crushed. I struggled for years to find my identity again. I was lost and alone.

The partnership had its flaws, but I preferred it over being by myself and losing what they brought to the table. We complemented each other’s talents. It seemed like we’d be together forever.

We all have a past that we still hold on to. Some of us are holding on tight. Others of us have learned to let some of it go, but we all have residue.

Through life, we’ll have relationships in our business and personal life that we’re going to lose. Breakups happen. Sometimes they come to a sudden end and we’re hurt and stuck at that moment for years.

If we’re stuck with thoughts with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend, that hurt can be causing harm today if it’s not dealt with. If it's memories of former partners, ex-employees, past clients we used to depend heavily on for money, then we have to deal with that and also let it go.

If we want to experience breakthroughs in our business and marriage, we need to make sure past relationships aren’t keeping us stuck in the past and unable to move as fast as we need to today.

Today, we can ask God to see us through that pain.

The bible says

Though my father and mother forsake me, the Lord will receive me. (Psalms 27:10 NIV)

The Word of God says to depend on no one, not even our own mothers and fathers. Seems pretty extreme, right? That’s the point the Psalmist is making here.

It’s critically important that you stand and lean on God alone because misaligned relationships with other humans (partners, vendors, contractors, employees, prospects, former spouses, former boyfriends, and girlfriends) can threaten to keep you from your breakthrough! Even Psalms 118:8 says “It is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.”

You need to be determined that no matter what, you’ll depend on God during difficult periods of time in your business and marriage. Sometimes, difficulties can cause you to transport back in time to a happy place in a previous partnership when things were awesome. This is dangerous territory. It’s a self-defense mechanism. You avoid the pain of dealing with the issues today by going back in time.

Listen, your tears are only temporary. Tomorrow brings a fresh set of opportunities. God’s going to bring your business and marriage to new levels in due time!

Maybe the breakthrough isn’t coming because you’re not trusting and following God fully in your business and marriage?

It’s time to let it go and live again!

We’ve all lost a relationship both in our business and personal life, and that loss tore a piece of our heart and soul out. But we need to begin to ask God to bring that part of our life back. We need to let go of the pain and let God replace it with joy.

We have to let go of the moment we lost someone that was important to us and leave the past in the past. God’s doing a new thing in our business and marriage! He’s taking our past and turning it into good!

Imagine if we all believed God could do this. Imagine if all of us married Godpreneurs trusted and depended on Him and Him alone.

I pray that Godpreneurs worldwide would receive this message and that God would do a new thing in all of our businesses and marriages.

Godpreneur Rule: Godpreneurs remove any dependence on people or the past. Instead, our businesses and marriages are filled with God’s presence.


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