Lack of Sleep Can Signal Problems in Business and Marriage

Updated: Jan 7, 2021

Do you remember saying as a kid

Sticks and stones can break my bones But words can never hurt me.

It’s so catchy, it even rhymes. Very easy for any child to memorize.

That’s by design.

Teachers knew people would come up to us and tell us lies or mean things, so I was supposed to recite that OUT LOUD to combat the attack with my words instead of letting my emotions get the best of me and attack back.

Since kids, we’ve been taught to fight lies with truth. We’ve been told to stand up against our problems by using statements of positive affirmations.

But we’ve lost that. It’s as if we think that it’s childish to do that. We’re grown up now and we can handle things more aggressively. Right?

Listen, the devil doesn’t want to see us make breakthroughs in our business and marriage. So he’ll get in our head to tempt us into thinking it’s over, the situation is lost, it will never change, you deserve better, you should be happy, you’re weak, you’re a terrible spouse, your business sucks, you’re not smart enough… Etc.

This is when we need to recognize that a bully is doing whatever He can to stop us from the breakthrough God has for us. If the devil wasn’t scared of our potential future, he’d leave us alone!

How do we combat the lies in our heads about our business and marriage? How do we stand up against the thoughts that keep us up all night?

Reciting “sticks and stones” would be a bit childish. We’re grown up, and we have a lot of new phrases we can memorize. They’re not as catchy and will take some time to commit to memory.