How to Effectively Hide Your Marriage Problems as an Entrepreneur

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

I used to wear my business and marriage problems on my sleeves. If there was an issue going on, my partners and employees knew. Heck, I would even tell my friends, clients, and anyone who asked me “how’s the business? And how’s your wife?” I guess I felt that being transparent and open made me seem more real – like false humility.

What I didn’t realize at the time is that sharing my problems openly just made those around me more nervous and wary of my leadership and abilities. Also, people would chime in to give advice, and since I would tell multiple people, I was hearing multiple ways of handling the issues.

I’ve changed my ways over the years.

I still share a lot of my behind the scenes business problems, and this blog is proof that I’m pretty transparent. But now I share it as a testimony of the victories I experience so that my readers can learn and grow from my challenges.

I never open up to my readers as the problems are happening. I have a very close group of brothers in Christ that I bring my current business issues. Even they don’t know some of the deeper issues happening in my business today.

Instead, I share my deeper issues with God every morning. I lay down the laundry list of stuff, both in my business and my marriage. It’s during this quiet time that I let it go, or God moves me to share the issue with someone else. It’s after I bring things up to God that I seek others out in prayer.

We all go through trials in our businesses and marriages. And many of us wear those problems around for all to see. We walk around sad and depressed, fearful and anxious, visibly stressed and overwhelmed, sometimes to the point where we haven’t shaved for days and are looking you kept.

Some even have the terrible habit of taking their current problems to social media (VERY BAD IDEA!). Other people are not public about their problems; but they still pick up the phone to call friends, family, trusted employees, or business associates to share the issues.

Before we know it, everyone knows what we’re going through! We don’t walk around with our heads high anymore, and instead, we’ve got a backpack full of problems that everyone sees.