I Know My Calling, But I’m Stuck: Part 3 – Gaining Confidence

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

I confess that I’ve got some insecurities that hold me back from time to time.

I’ve seen God’s vision for me and my business, I even have it written down in smart goal format.

But the vision is so big, I start to doubt I’m big enough yet, I’ll be short on money, there are so many steps to get there, and what if I fail…again!

All of us entrepreneurs face this giant several times in our careers. God calls us beyond our comfort zones, and as exciting as it might be to think about it when it comes to execution, we freeze, tense up, and retreat back to the place we feel in control.

How can we rise up to what we were born to do if we’re crippled with these insecurities?

Maybe your corner office and a steady paycheck is your safe zone. Perhaps the products and services you’re most familiar with are the ones you stick to. Maybe the business is coasting and the mindset of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” makes you feel confident in your business.

Listen, it will always be overwhelming when you are pursuing God’s plan for your business. We’re in the business of saving souls in the marketplace, how can you expect it to be easy? If it were easy, everyone would be saved, and we’d be in heaven.

The key thing I’ve learned several times is this: Trust God in what He can do and not your own feelings and emotions.

The Bible says