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How I Left the Strip Club Industry

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

My company used to be heavily involved in nightlife marketing. Along with marketing nightclubs, we also helped some strip clubs with their flyer designs. It was easy and consistent money, and my designers were good at it!

But as a growing Christian, I began to feel convicted about doing work for gentlemen’s clubs. So I began declining their work, even giving away that business to other companies. This really sparked some heated arguments in the company, so we kept doing the work.

Over time, I couldn’t kick the conviction, so I made a solo decision to cut ties with the adult entertainment industry. My employees were furious. This was affecting their commissions!  But it was also affecting my conviction.

As entrepreneurs, we’ll all face massive pressure from people close to you to do something in contradiction to what God is asking you to do. In the face of pressure, especially to pay bills, we may compromise our ethics and morals and stand in opposition to God’s desire for you.

As a entrepreneurs, I’m sure you know about pressure. Our employees can be relentless in asking us to do things outside our value system, including clients they want to work with, marketing campaigns they want to execute on, and adding new people to the team. They can be every bit as demanding and intimidating as the 3 year old throwing a temper tantrum in the grocery store line for a piece of candy.

When that happens, stand firm in your identity in Christ. Let your desire to be obedient to God give you strength, and lovingly explain why you’re not willing to compromise your beliefs.

I explained my point of view to my team and they eventually understood my conviction for not wanting to do business with strip clubs. I had to let those employees go because we didn’t stand on the same moral grounds, among other things. Eventually God convicted me of the same when it came to doing business with nightclubs.  That was tough because it represented 90% of my business.  The letting go of employees on that one was one of the most difficult days of being an entrepreneur I had ever experienced.

Godpreneur Rule #36: Godpreneurs seek to please one boss, one board of director member, the main investor:  God.


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