God Needs My Money

Updated: Jan 22

My church does a fundraising campaign every year that goes towards the construction of our new building. I’ve seen the architectural renderings. It’s going to be an incredible place to worship.

I’ve seen my church grow since our days of meeting at the movie theater. I’ve taken part in several of these “building campaigns,” and it’s been a blessing to see each one take the church to a new level.

The way I see it is that it’s not that God needs my money. He’s got plenty of it to go around. What God is looking for is my stewardship and my heart to be aligned with His. I don’t feel obligated to give an offering to my church. Instead, I feel blessed that I’ve been given the opportunity to participate in an organization that’s making a tremendous impact for the kingdom in my community.

But we sometimes don’t see it the way I’m explaining. Some of us are giving out of ritual or obligation. We put very little thought into the fact that God is using the money we make in our businesses to let us steward it towards amazing kingdom work.

But remember that God doesn’t need a small portion of our money. It’s His money in the first place. The bible says,

The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it. (1 Corinthians 10:26)

Technically, your money and business are His, so we can’t give God anything. Not a tenth, not half, not 90%. It’s all His.

What’s not all His, yet, is your heart. That’s the battle between good and evil going on. And the enemy will use the money to win your heart. He’ll make you think it’s your money, and that the church owes you some kind of “thank you” for your generosity.

God’s not appreciative of the money we give; He’s moved when our hearts are surrendered to Him. That’s the parable of the widow giving pennies at the offering. Jesus said she gave more because she gave from her heart. (Mark 12:41-44)

Godpreneurs are excited about being allowed to participate in kingdom expansion!

Owning a God-Centered business is an incredible opportunity, and a gift from Him, for us to make profits so that we can be involved in something that matters beyond the material, beyond the financial, beyond our businesses!

Imagine if we all thought this way? I pray for each Godpreneur’s heart to be aligned with a proper heart of Godly stewardship and that the Lord bless your business profits tremendously so you can be a part of kingdom work.

Godpreneur Rule:  The Lord blesses a Godpreneur’s business profits tremendously so we can be a part of Kingdom work.

Father, everything in my business is Yours, including me. Thank You for the privilege of Godpreneurship so that I can be a part of distributing Your resources for Your glory. Amen.

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