Client’s Confirm Your Plans

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

Today I want to talk to you about clients confirming your plans.

All entrepreneurs have these grand visions of seeing our products and services succeed.  We would buy our own services, and we’re 100% sure everyone in the market will buy it too!

If you were in corporate America, you’d have to go through months, sometimes years of product development and testing to come out with a new service offering.

But if we just do a little listening to our clients and some basic planning, God will use our clients to confirm our plans.

In 2015 I made some major shifts in the direction of my business.  Towards the end of that year, I started to let God control more and more of my business.  I was so focused on doing everything myself, I wasn’t letting God into the entire process, even service development and prospecting.

One day I woke up and said, God, I want to serve the people you want me to serve. I want to bring identity to those entrepreneurs that YOU’RE trying to save, that you’re trying to be a part of their business more.

You see, God evangelizes wherever we’ll let him.  He’ll use you, the entrepreneur, to get to other entrepreneurs who he wants to be involved with.

That very same day, after declaring that morning that I wanted to be used by God, 3 POTENTIAL clients called me back-to-back-to-back.  I spoke with each one, and each one was in the same place:  they each wanted a higher meaning and purpose for their entrepreneurial lives.

I hung up the phone so happy after the 3rd person, I just thanked God for using me to reach entrepreneurs.

What am I saying?

If you align yourself with the plans that God has for you, God will use your clients to confirm the service offering that you should be focusing in on fully.

When the children of Isreal were at the point before crossing the River Jordan into the promised land, they sent out two spies to check out the city of Jericho.  While they were there, they came across an inn keeper by the name of Rahab.  She was an entrepreneur, a hotel owner.  She wasn’t Israeli, she was actually the enemy. But she was different than the rest of the people of that city, and God was going to use her in a major way.

Rahab spilled the beans to the two Israeli spies.  She said to them in Joshua 2:8-14