Client Accidentally Overpays – What Do You Do?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Since I deal with corporate clients, getting $2,500 checks isn’t that easy. Two people have to sign a check, but the invoice has to go to 2 departments then through a processing plant, and back down to the 3rd floor for delivery Things can get confusing and sometimes they make mistakes.

Mistakes like paying twice on the same invoice.  This has happened to me several times.

So now I’m staring at a $2,500 error in my favor. Like monopoly, I feel like I got that bank error community chest card!


What would you do?

Would you deposit the check and hope corporate accounting doesn’t catch it and if they do you’ll just play stupid?

Or would you call up your point of contact and point out the error?

This is THE EXACT moment at the Garden of Eden where Satan tempted Eve.  That’s the same thing she went through. Does she take the shortcut to knowing God or does she refuse to compromise and follow God faithfully.

So you want to know what I personally did?  Here, I’ll tell you the truth from two times this has happened to me.