How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 2 – Whistle While You Wait

Before it is your turn to succeed in business - before anything you have asked comes to fruition, praise and rejoice Him!


I picked up an amazing tool from a Tony Robbins course that I use weekly. It’s called an “emotional flood.” Essentially, I close my eyes and imagine all the amazing things that have happened to me. It lasts for 5 minutes. Through an audio recording, Tony helps me jog my memory for all the awesome things. Essentially, you shut out the negative and ‘flood’ your mind with awesome thoughts.

When our waiting feels like a ton of uncertainty in our business, without answers – much like Noah’s waiting, there is a danger of losing faith that God is listening. If we have these long spans of time in our businesses, it tempts us to question the faithfulness and character of God. We look around our business and there’s no sign that He is answering our prayer. We wonder will he ever come through for us. In these critical moments in our entrepreneurial career, we need a strategy to win while waiting through the seeming absence of God.

The Bible says in Roman 5:3

More than that, we rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance,

Paul clings to the only One who can help him. He resolves to believe He will bring to fruition that which he awaits. Then he does something most of us don’t. In the middle of his waiting, Paul chooses to rejoice. Before it is his turn, prior to seeing any evidence that God will answer his petitions, Paul chooses to praise God…anyway.

Are you suffering waiting in your business? This is the time for an EMOTIONAL FLOOD. Turn on some worship music, flood your heart with praise. Look back at everything He’s done for you as an Entrepreneur, and rejoice and be glad…even while you wait.


Maybe your circumstances in business appear to be upside down, but God is always right-side up! Worship and praise Him in the waiting. Wonder in Him while you’re wondering and wandering. Today, don’t ask for much, just praise Him. Get your heart and mind back into the place of faith and expectancy. Let God calm your business anxieties. The flood of emotions will drown out the negative feelings. Your praises will lift you out and up to the throne.

Before it is your turn to succeed in business – before anything you have asked comes to fruition, praise and rejoice Him! That’s how you re-center and refocus your mind on the challenges of TODAY.

When we can’t see through the waiting; when the big break doesn’t come in; and our competition pummels us with hate until we find ourselves in a desperate place—praise and rejoice anyway!

No one or nothing compares to God. He is the last one standing with us in our businesses. He’s always there. So as we wait, we praise Him for that.

If He makes our business wait, there is a divine purpose in it.

I pray Godpreneurs don’t miss the opportunity to wait with purpose, to wait well!


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