How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 4 – Increased Patience Points

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I started writing Daily Godpreneur blogs in November of 2014. At the time, my business was doing terrible. I had to shut it down to restart all over again. I had lost major clients and couldn’t afford to pay my team. It’s the lowest point I’ve ever been as an entrepreneur.

Still, I recognized a need in the marketplace to have a blog focused on Christian Entrepreneurs. I knew there could be a worldwide community, but that it would take time to grow.

I also recognized the business opportunity that would be afforded to me. If I grew readership, I could come out with books, courses, a membership platform, and even merchandise. I saw speaking engagements, coaching and private consulting as possible avenues as well.

But I didn’t want to rush the process. Something inside of me said that this was going to be a long road, and to wait patiently for God’s timing because a lot of work still needed to be done INSIDE of me.

See, when I first started writing, I was at the beginning of my understanding of God, ministry, and marketplace, and what it meant for me and my business.

But most of us entrepreneurs are not this calculated in our approach in new ventures. We’ve rushed into many businesses, products, services and even that weren´t on timing. In hindsight, we would have done something different; we would have waited.

It’s not in our DNA to wait. From the Garden of Eden, we’ve been programmed to be impatient and seek instant gratification from creation and our surrounding.

What I’ve learned from God through my blog, Daily Godpreneur, and my experience building a tribe from scratch, is that I’ve been extremely blessed by waiting three years to take the first steps at building a business around my teachings.

God wants to do the same for each of our businesses. He wants us all to wait on Him so he can show us patience, build our character, increase our faith in prayer, and become wiser Godpreneurs. We have to be willing to wait.