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How Godpreneurs Wait: Part 6 – Uncovering Your Entrepreneurial Calling

Updated: Feb 12, 2021

People come to me for logos and websites. I get to be there from the very beginning. They tell me all about the big visions and dreams for their idea and I help them bring it to life.

Since 2012, I started to throw a monkey wrench into the discovery process. Instead of trusting that every entrepreneur coming to me is launching the business they particularly were born to start, I ask them, “Is this what you were born to do? Like, if God was sitting right here, and you could launch any business in the whole world and God would fund every penny, so long as it was what He created you for, is this the business we’re launching for you?”

A very common response is, “How do I figure out what God’s calling is for my business?”

Ever since I started asking that question, I’ve been able to guide my clients on the trajectory of launching a business they feel CALLED to be in.

But not everyone knows right away. Most people don’t know at all. And one phone call or meeting with me might not be enough time to uncover it. Some of my prospects leave this strategy session very unclear and unsure about what to do next.

We’re all searching for meaning and purpose in our businesses. Some entrepreneurs are still waiting to know God’s will for them. We want to know what exact industry, service or product we were created to do.

While we’re waiting for the revelation, what can we do today to find God’s will for our business?

Jesus said in John 6:38

"For I have come down from heaven, not to do my own will but the will of him who sent me".

As a Godpreneur, you are in business to look like Christ in the marketplace. If Christ came to fulfill God’s will, then you here to do the same.

I wrote a book called Discovering Your Calling as an Entrepreneur. Below I’ve covered 4 steps that I took from portions or the book to quickly outline a plan for you.

Here are four steps to help you uncover it:

  1. Develop the desire to know God better. Once I started to find out what God had to say about logos, websites, and marketing, I began to uncover bits of information that I weaved together to have a complete understanding of my purpose as a brand strategist.

  2. What Breaks God’s Heart Should Break Yours Too. I started to notice God cared about identity. There’s a lot of lost entrepreneurs in the world who don’t know what they were born to do, and their websites and brand story didn’t really tell anyone a clear message. That started to burden me too and helped me have a stronger desire to help my clients.

  3. Spend time praying and reading God’s Word. Many of you know that I write a blog post almost every day of the business week. I do this in order to maintain the habit of reading and praying. Pray, “Lord, help me to hear You and recognize that it’s You so that I will be in the business that You desire me to be in.”

  4. Pay attention to your natural gifts and abilities. I love asking clients what their PERFECT client looks like. I tell them to name the DREAM scenario, the best product or service coupled with the most amazing client. Then I help them build their business around those clients, products, and services. God gives you gifts according to His plans for your entrepreneurial venture. Tap into what God put inside of you to help build His kingdom in the marketplace. That’s the will of God for your business!

  5. Seek counsel from spiritually mature people. God places people in our businesses to help us. He’s placed me in your life for you to be reading this paragraph. Be willing to be mentored by other Godpreneurs. Godly counsel will only push you closer to the discovery of God’s perfect will for your business. Join us at today and begin to meet and fellowship with other Godpreneurs.

We Godpreneurs want to know the will of God for our business life and we have a desire to please God.

Even though we may not know God’s calling today, as we wait on God to make that picture more clear, we need to be encouraged today because we’re seeking. If we had no intention of fulfilling it, we wouldn’t be Godpreneurs.

It is a noble ambition for an entrepreneur to want to know God’s calling in business so we can lead purpose-driven businesses.


How Godpreneurs Wait

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