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Why Entrepreneurs are Fat?

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

Why is it that so called ‘successful’ entrepreneurs complain of headaches, ulcers, high blood pressure, alcoholism, drug abuse, obesity, insomnia, and you fill in the blanks with your own complaints?

I’ll tell you why: They THINK they are in the business they should be in. They’re making money, they have customers…so this must mean this is where they are supposed to be.

They think the business isn’t doing as well as it could BECAUSE of the headaches and insomnia. They think if they get to the doctor to fix this up, the business will get more of their 100% effort and things will improve.

This was me. This was my story. And for years, I told myself that I could fix this on my own.

This will come to a shock to you: You’re in the wrong business or role. You’re selling the wrong product, providing the wrong service, and in the wrong role within your organization.

You’ve reached a level of incompetence, and its causing the health problems….not the other way around.

You might be the boss, but you’re horrible at managing people, so they stress you out. Its time that you stop being the boss, hand that over to an operations person, and you go back to making cakes.

Your might be the boss of a business your family has done for years, but you hate it and its stressing you out. Its time to move on.

Why am I so passionate about entrepreneurs finding what God wants them to do in business? Because when we’re in line with God’s vision for our life, a sense of joy and happiness enters into our heart that is a medicine to our body. Stress is released.

Problems will always surround you, but how you react internally changes now that you’re in line with God’s vision. So problems don’t affect you like they used to.

Its time to do a sober exam of your business life. Do a health check up. How’s your health? That might be an indication that you’re not living in line with God’s vision for your entrepreneurial ventures.


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