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Without Good Direction, Entrepreneurs Lose Their Way

Updated: May 21, 2021

Entrepreneurs, who do you follow on your social media accounts?

Are you following that entrepreneur that’s making tons of cash, but you know he’s up to no good?

Are you following that business owner who’s always posting about the new shoes he bought, but doesn’t have your same morals and beliefs?

The cheater? The stuck-up? The crook? The mean guy?  The stranger?

Who to Follow and Unfollow

The more wise and knowledgeable the persons you follow are, the better your chances at staying on track with the vision that was set out for YOUR life, as opposed to wishing to have the life of someone else.

Who are you going to unfollow, and follow today?

Which social media account do you need to take a break from?

Here are some resources of good people to follow:

Without good direction, us entrepreneurs lose our way.

Your Entrepreneurial Compass,

Alex Miranda

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