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What do you want to change in the world? Do that!

I have a huge heart for guiding entrepreneurs into their “born to do” identity. Actually, it’s not just entrepreneurs.  It’s my cousin in high school, a friend from college, or a stranger I meet at a networking event. I have a burning desire for people to be in vocations that they were created to be in.

My truest, deepest desires are important to God.  He spent a lot of time thinking about me when he created me.  I’m masterfully put together, hand crafted to accomplish HIS desires, which have now become mine.

How did I find my desire?  How did I go from a place of serving my own interests to seeking and executing on God’s interests?

I used to do business with nightclubs and I totally lost that desire. At one point I wanted to own nightclubs, but God changed that.  One way to consider your desires is to consider what you no longer desire.

I helped a company do their full branding (logo, website, collateral, a whole mess of stuff) in less than 10 days.  Man, I LOVED the challenge and focus we had.  One way to consider your desires is to think of your favorite client ever, and see how you can change your business model to attract more of that.

The best business ventures I’ve been in is when I have a great desire to be there and serve the people.  God guides me towards all of my clients or them to me, and I always feel a deep desire to help them. And in some cases, my truest desire may be met through selling them a product or service of mine, but simply by sharing my testimony and listening to their problems.

It can be difficult to get in touch with your truest or deepest desires. Our entrepreneurial motivations become so confused by money, pride of ownership, and straight up sin. Our apparent desires are often far from the true desires that God has implanted in the depths of our hearts. For this reason, we cannot just say, “Do the business that makes you happy.” What makes you happy—or seems to make you happy—might be far from using your skills and gifts for the marketplace. It may also be possible that the business that would fulfill your true desire at first appears undesirable; it may require great sacrifice and difficult labor.

Knowing what you truly desire in business requires spiritual maturity.

The bible says

"Take delight in the Lord , and he will give you the desires of your heart." Psalms 37:4

Like owning a business, it takes work to find out.


When branding someone, I have to find out their desires, motivations and intentions for doing the business.  This makes me armed and dangerous for coming out with an awesome brand!

Here are some questions that can help you:

  1. Ask yourself what you truly desire to change in the marketplace or the way business is being conducted in your industry. What is the first thing that comes to mind? Write it down.

  2. What are you afraid to admit that you desire?

  3. How do you spend your time?

  4. What can’t you imagine living without?

  5. Who do you hang out with, and why?

  6. Think of 3 to 5 clients, projects, transactions, task, jobs or services in your business life when you were engaged in activities that made you feel alive—what were you doing, and why?

Do you see any patterns?

I bring all of who I am before God.  I seek him and ask that he mold and reveal the desires of my spirit.

If there is any fear or sin in my life that would prevent me from pursuing the desires you’ve given me, I ask God to set me free.

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