Overcoming Money Fears in Your Christian-owned Business

Updated: Apr 3, 2021

In the first years of starting my company, someone I had done business with approached me interested in investing. We agreed on a percentage, and he deposited $80,000 into my business bank account.

I did what I thought you do with investment money. I purchased computers, we moved into a new office on South Beach, and I hired some employees.

A year later, I was in trouble with the IRS because I wasn’t paying employee taxes. And…the $80,000 were gone, and so was that investor. All of his money was gone, and I had nothing to show for it.

Ever since then I’ve had a fear of borrowing money. I didn’t want to let anyone else down like that first experience. I also developed a fear of hiring employees since I didn’t want to experience problems with the IRS again. These fears have held me down for years, making me believe that I can do everything on my own.

We Godpreneurs all have some kinds of fears that we deal with. Most of us have fears we don’t even know about. I know that I’ve had this fear of financial management in me for over 10 years, and until I realized it, I was financially crippled.

What keeps us entrepreneurs from investing in our business lives? What is it that keeps us from moving into the financial freedom that we know God wants us to experience?

The answer is FEAR.

We see many kinds of fears in the Bible. The one that holds us Godpreneurs back, making us doubt ourselves. We’ve failed in the past, so we don’t try again.

But just because we failed in managing money correctly in our businesses (and in our personal lives) doesn’t mean we don’t try again. We shouldn’t give up because