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Suffering Well

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

I had a goal of having my first million dollar year by the age of 30. Then I changed it to 35. Then I changed it again.

We entrepreneurs have goals in our businesses. Some of us it’s monetary. Others it’s launching a new product or service.

Every year we don’t accomplish a goal, we suffer. The suffering eats at us. We see other people succeeding and it makes us jealous, almost paralyzing us from moving forward.

But what if the suffering was part of the entrepreneurial process?

I’ve suffered a lot in my business. It comes with being an Entrepreneur.  Why? Because Entrepreneurs have a tremendous responsibility and calling for God and He wants to make us the best possible steward of the money and blessings that come with success.

In the bible, we read that Joseph was either a slave or in prison for the 20 years after his captivity. Imagine suffering for 20 years!!! Makes your problems seems smaller, right?.

God could have released him at any point, but God’s plans for your business are much bigger than our perceived suffering.

You won’t know God’s full reasoning immediately, and you may never know it until you’re face to face with Him.  Until then, we are called to know and understand that suffering is a path we must walk in the marketplace to get to the place God needs us for His will.

My suffering has given me endurance. I can run further and faster! My faith is growing, I don’t despair as much anymore in my business.

What’s your attitude during times of suffering?

Are you angry that God hasn’t let you reach your goals and visions yet?

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