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Stop Chasing Money…Instead Let it Chase You!

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

As entrepreneurs, we all do it.

We seek the pleasure of unstable things such as approval of employees, big money accounts, power over competitors, beautiful branding, or fame in your market.

But what happens when the money is low, your biggest client leaves you or biggest your competitor just came out with a cooler widget than you, threatening to take a chunk of your market share.

When we chase after the broken promises of unstable things, we put ourselves on the worlds fastest rollercoaster that’s stop button doesn’t work.  You’re stuck on that ride forever.

The solution is simple.  Godpreneurs work for an audience of one: God.  He’s your boss, He’s the only one that will be at the table at your 90 day evaluation, He cuts your check, He validates and loves the work you’re doing.

That’s why I wake up every morning to read the bible, even if its just 5 minutes of Proverbs.  I chase after the wisdom and knowledge of God.  Its like a fresh glass of water.  If I chase God, everything that’s supposed to come to me will follow.

Godpreneur Rule #36:  Chase after God, place your trust in Him and His Word, and He will refresh you with living water.

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