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How to Entrepreneurs Can Stop Chasing Money, Power and Fame

Updated: Aug 10, 2021

As entrepreneurs, we’re constantly being tempted to go after money, power, beauty and fame. That’s what is portrayed to us by the media, society and culture.

Chasing after these things will never bring out your true entrepreneurial purpose in life.


Because you’ve made these things your god, and so these things lead your decision making, and therefore they produce your identity.

Deuteronomy 32:12 talks about the Israelites being led by God and gives us direct instructions for success when being led through the dessert

"The lord alone guided them; they followed no foreign gods."

Godpreneurs chase after God and His will for your business life, and the fruit of that is purpose and abundance in the promised land.

I chased false gods for 9 years in my business until 2014 when I started letting God be the CEO and personal business coach development trainer and I would allow Him to shape who I would become today.

Today, God alone leads me through the good times and the bad (because the bad times don’t stop, they just become more manageable). Be diligent to watch over things (foreign gods) that could be taking the lead in influencing your business.

One way I protect myself is by starting every morning off reading the bible, a devotional, and prayer to listen to God as to what He wants me to do that day.  This way I’m being led from the start.

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