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Seeing God in the Day-to-Day Operations of a Business

Updated: Dec 24, 2020

I'm in the business of launching businesses, so there's always something to be excited and terrified about! The exhilaration of the risk, the long nights, and the successful take-off all make entrepreneurship the most exciting profession on the planet!

It's fun when I'm launching a new thing, but it's when I'm NOT launching that I do my best spiritual connecting with God. I'm doing my best personal development when in between the launches, during the slower seasons, when I'm coasting and enjoying the fruits of the previous launches and looking forward to the next.

We entrepreneurs will spend most of our business lives in the day-to-day operating or our businesses. These "plain" times are different than the highs and lows of good times and bad, during launches and closing up shop. The "valley" of entrepreneurship terrifies us. The "mountain-top" of business ownership exhilarates us. But the majority of the time will be spent between the feast and the famine - the ordinary times. It is where entrepreneurship can seem ordinary and mundane, however, this is the time where we can do the most spiritual growth.

See, we put a lot of hope in the mountains of business ownership. That's where the gold is hidden, right? It's as if it has the secret to us FINALLY being happy and free. It's in the "next big thing" where our faith wanders off to. But after the mountains, the ordinary plain time still comes, and we're back in operation mode. Things seem boring and monotonous again.

And us risk-taking entrepreneurs tend to fear the valleys. We fight to protect ourselves from pain of loss in profits, reputation, trust, and leadership. We build all these systems and processes in our businesses as to avoid the sorrow of failure from destroying us.

The result is that this "in-between" time is spent either daydreaming about the next mountain or building operation to avoid failure. So, when do we sit down to enjoy the presence of God and bask in the glory of what it is to be a creator alongside God?

How can Christian entrepreneurs learn not to neglect the quality time afforded to us during times of calm in our businesses? God gives us the "everyday" arena not to become apathetic or complacent, but instead to draw closer to Him. If we sit around waiting for what we long for and for what we fear, we'll miss where we are right now.

The Bible says,


God’s Word says to have a grateful heart and be thankful day to day.

You must embrace this perspective every day in your business. Your entire reason for being in business leaves nothing for which gratitude is not the appropriate attitude.

God is the God of the day-to-day ownership and operation of your business. He's looking over your entire workday - every decision, interaction, emotion, idea, and step. And that's the BEAUTY! You're not alone! You have a partner in God to enjoy His presence and run ideas to grow your business faithfully.

We Godpreneurs afford a valuable opportunity to see the Presence of God in our business lives. There is nothing more essential for us believing business owners than seeing God as the Divine Chairman of the Board of Directors in our everyday business life.

Imagine if we all placed more value on the worth of our day-to-day God-first business decisions. I believe we would take more notice of the innumerable ways God is communicating with us to be our daily action guide to help us grow our influence and profits!

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