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How to become a Godpreneur And let God be your CEO- Ebook

Updated: Mar 31, 2021

Do you know what a Godpreneur is? A Godpreneur is an entrepreneur who wants to put God first in the business!

Being a Godpreneur isn’t a religious thing. Let’s get that out of the way right now.

Many of us entrepreneurs struggle to incorporate God into our business. Either we don’t see how God would care about the industry we’re in or product/service we offer, or we’re ashamed or embarrassed to be “that religious guy.”

This isn’t a religion thing.  This is about finding deeper meaning, purpose, and passion for your business.

When I first started letting God into my life again, it started out through the area of relationships. I was a South Beach nightclub promoter, so I was constantly in and out of relationships with women. Life was empty, and I felt lonely. I was looking to settle down.

A girlfriend of mine at the time started talking to me about God. To please her, I attended church on Sundays. At first, infrequently and often after a night out at the clubs. Then, I began to see this ‘God thing’ as something much bigger, and I started to crave going and wanting to know more about God.

My identity was beginning to change.

Meanwhile, my business identity remained wrapped in the nightlife world. We were the top nightclub flyer design company in the world. I was writing nightlife marketing books and speaking at the nightlife conventions. We reached almost half a million dollars in sales in one year.

But something wasn’t sitting right. My identity and my business identity were at odds with each other. As CEO of this growing company, I also began to find myself in a different mindset than my partners, employees, contractors, vendors, and clients. It came to a point where I had to choose.

Why choose? Why not keep both? Why not forget about the God thing and just keep riding the upward trajectory of where my company was going. I knew it couldn’t be both. It was either the red pill or the blue pill (Matrix quote). Where would my identity be?  Christ, or Nightlife?

How do we choose God and become a Godpreneur when our whole life we’ve been an entrepreneur, doing business on our own.

In becoming a Godpreneur (and staying one), I’ve come across 3 steps that helped me become a Godpreneur and make a choice to put God first in my business.

Would you like to know about those three steps?


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