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Prayer Before Starting a Business Project

Updated: Aug 25, 2021

I love starting new projects. I believe the reason I'm in branding and not marketing is that branding is the "start" of a business. And my multiple businesses is even more evidence of my love for starting things

However, I'd be kidding myself if I told you that I didn't feel overwhelmed sometimes when launching a new project. A lot of the work I do is so spiritually charged and will have a major impact on my life and the lives of others that the pressure can be immense.

Oftentimes, right at the beginning of a project, the enemy starts to plant seeds of doubt in my mind; I feel alone and I'm tempted to back out.

However, we God-first business owners know that God is always there at our side, ready to give His blessing that will strengthen us.

The Bible says:

I lift up my eyes to the mountains—where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, the Maker of heaven and earth. (Psalms 121:1-2)

God wants to help you, but you have to lift your eyes up to Him and ask for help in your business. God wants us to acknowledge that whatever project we are launching - whether it’s a new business, a marketing initiative, or a new blog series - can only be accomplished through His power.

The prayer below will help us orient our minds and hearts toward God and give him the wheel for our next major business project. It may feel weird, but if we get in this habit, we'll be guided every step of the way, thus assuring that the outcome is God's will.

Father, I come before you, and through the power of Jesus Christ, I take on this new project. Consecrate this endeavor through your hands to your glory. I call on the Holy Spirit to help me execute this new initiative in a manner that honors you and puts a smile on your face. You know that I can't do anything without you; I'm powerless except through Christ who strengthens me. Lord, give me the necessary assistance to accomplish your will in the marketplace. Search me, Lord, and remove anything that would not have me observing your faithful laws of justice. Keep me free from sin throughout the execution of this project. Father, take charge of all the plans. Give me wisdom beyond my years, power beyond my own strength, and bless me with the joy of being able to serve you, once again, through the gift of entrepreneurship. You are good, you are holy, you are eternal, and my life's work is for you. Amen.

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