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No Credit, No Problem

Updated: Jan 21, 2021

There’s a used car dealership I pass by on my way to the gym that has a big sign outside that reads “No Credit, No Problem.”

While I can’t knock them for their efforts in advertising and drawing clients in, it still pains me to see the sign and know that people are falling for it every day.

No credit?! Then that means the person shouldn’t be buying a car in the first place. It means they need to try to find another means of transportation while they fix their financial situation.

This same situation also happens to us business owners when we get the credit card promotions in the mail or as we’re checking out online. Everywhere, the enemy is trying to enslave us.

As business owners, we can experience such a tremendous amount of financial release from God, but God’s only going to release it into the hands of people that can manage it…and manage it well!

We entrepreneurs need to have the highest financial IQ of all people working on earth. God has entrusted us to come up with businesses so that we can hire more people and manage more of God’s money.

But how is God supposed to give us more money if we can’t handle it? If we put things on credit cards, what does that tell God about the way we are managing our business?

The bible says:

"The rich rule over the poor, and the borrower is slave to the lender." (Proverbs 22:7 NIV)

As Godpreneurs, the chains were broken, and you are to live freely in the marketplace. Unfortunately, it’s likely you are a slave right now.

You and me both.

I tore up my credit cards. I don’t buy anything anymore unless I have money to pay for it in my checking account.

Listen, I too want the nice computer, the latest phone, and the nice car to show up to meetings. But I’m not here to impress anyone except God. And God is looking at the way I handle my money and making decisions on whether he’s going to give me more…or the other guy.

Godpreneur Rule: Money will go to the Godpreneur that manages it the best.


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