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Making Business Vision Decisions with God

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

There’s a lot of decision making when you’re an entrepreneur. I’m constantly making decisions: what’s my next move, who do I contract, who do I call next, what’s most important on my to do, how do I close this deal, where can I get a better deal?

And if you’re like me, you’re probably making these decisions alone.

This is dangerous for me and you. One IS the loneliest number when it comes to business.

The bible talks about there being wise counsel in the multitude. So I have a couple of coaches that I rely on.


But the bible also says that if I rely on God and His wisdoms for my business, its like building a house on a rock. When the problems come, I’ll still be left standing.

Years ago I made a commitment to strengthen my relationship with God. In making that commitment, I was entering into a partnership that would allow me to have wise counsel whenever I pleased.

Are you making business decisions based on what YOU think is good to do, or are you praying and talking to God and reading His Word to find out what HE wants you to do?

So that’s what we need to start doing.

My commitment in 2015 is to know God better by spending a set time each morning in prayer and meditation, to LISTEN to God’s vision for me, and to FOLLOW THROUGH with what He tells me.

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