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Find Out What God Called You to Talk About

Updated: Aug 18, 2021

I could have chosen to write about so many things. I’m pretty good a lot of stuff, and excellent at a few things.

Although I’m excellent at some things, I’m uniquely talented in being able to read something biblical and interpret it for entrepreneurs. I have the gift of teaching in metaphors and bringing a practical application to complicated concepts.

Now, even within a business, there are many things to talk about, so you’ll notice I love to focus on discovering your calling and launching your business. My teachings are becoming even more aligned with my calling – to help people uncover what they were born to do, and bring it to life.

Even this blog post about writing blog posts is aligned with my calling because it’s having my readers zero in on a niche that’s their calling.

We all have a purpose and design. The God who manufactured us gave us an intended use that, if we can align ourselves properly too, will support us personally, financially, and strategically as we journey into the world of blogging and teaching.

But, we can become unstable and lose our integrity if we were designed for one purpose, yet are doing a different thing. To keep integrity, we need to write ‘on purpose.’

When a blogger is in his or her zone, we can count on them to share amazing revelations and communicate in a way that brings about change in the readers’ minds. Why? Because we are in alignment with our calling.

God designs and builds us to write for to a specific audience, about a specific subject, for a specific purpose.

The bible says:

God planned for us to do good things and to live as he has always wanted us to live. That’s why he sent Christ to make us what we are. Ephesians 2:10

You and I have hearts with unique passions and certain spiritual gifts and natural talents that differ from every other blogger on the planet. And He’s going to continue to shape you even more unique as you begin your writing journey.

This means that the way you’ve built, your design, and your purpose are always aligned. God did that on purpose. He’s not trying to hide anything from you. You’re the one that has the choice whether you’re going to be in alignment or do your own thing.

All we need to to do is ask the holy spirit to reveal to us what he wants us to teach about. This process of searching, listening, and discovering is the exact relationship God’s been seeking with us. He’s dreamt something up for us; now it’s time to allow ourselves to be used in the way He intended.

We bring our blogs into full alignment when we search, and He answers.

Just begin writing, the spirit will do the rest.

Start small. Come up with something practical that you always find yourself helping others with. It’s probably something you just had a conversation with someone about. You’ve had this conversation 100 times. That’s the one.

Even if someone else has written about it, your testimony is different than theirs. You’re going to say it uniquely. Plus, the reader doesn’t know that other person, they know YOU, and will relate to you more.

Don’t wait. Get going on it.

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