How to Handle Hurt In Business

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

When I’m interviewing a client looking to start a business or rebrand their company, one of the first questions I ask is, “what do you see wrong in your industry that you feel you have the solution to?”

The reason I ask this question is that what hurts or pains my client reveals something unique about themselves that helps me to guide them towards the product and solution offering that they should bring to the marketplace.

For example, two of my biggest pains in branding are

  1. My friends and family launching businesses that they have no business being in because it’s nowhere near their calling in life

  2. My friends and family taking FOREVER to launch their business idea – either from procrastinating or because they are working with someone that’s taking too long on their branding

Because I hurt and pain for these things, I came up with a solution – Launch in 2 Days. It’s a weekend event where I help people discover what they were born to do in business, and I help bring it to life.

This isn’t self-promotion. I’m illustrating that out of my pain, my hurt, and my mourning for friends and family investing their hard-earned money into a business idea, and seeing them do it all wrong; I was inspired to create something awesome.

If we think about it, entrepreneurship is the art of seeing that somethings not right in the marketplace, and we have the solution for it.

There wasn’t a breakfast spot close by to enjoy (which is tragic), so someone built one.

There wasn’t a tool for making sure the frames on the wall are hung straight (which is painful to look at), so someone invested one.

A client took an entire year of revision to finalize their logo, then blames it on the agency and asks for a refund (which is both frustrating and sorrowful), so someone came up with a way to get it all done in two days.