When Entrepreneurs are at their Weakest, We Need This

Updated: Jan 19, 2021

I’ve had a period of time where I was

  1. Sued for thousands of dollars by a client who was being sued by someone else for copyright infringement, claiming it was my company’s fault

  2. Late for 2 months on rent at both home and the business

  3. Behind on paying money to a handful of vendors and contractors

  4. Scrambling for business because no new leads were coming in

  5. Trashed by my biggest client ever, told that I was never going to get a referral from them

  6. Accused by my son of not approving him, and by his mother as selfish

  7. Condemned by my wife as not being a good father and a terrible example of a Christian husband

This was all literally happening all at the same time, stacked one on top of the other.

Enough to make you think twice about life, right?

Not me. Why?

Because since 2014 I committed myself to the thought that nothing lasts forever, everything is a test, and I need to have a faith that transcends beyond what’s humanly imaginable.

I didn’t ignore any of the charges brought against me or bills that were piling up.  I made good on everything, putting everyone in line for payment. I took my son and wife’s criticism as opportunities to reflect upon my life and how I can be more like Christ, even though they were wrong.

As entrepreneurs, especially as Godpreneurs, we’re going to face extremely difficult and lonely times. We’re going to feel the entire weight of the world come down on us, especially the closer you draw to God.

What do we do when we just feel like giving up? Where do we go when we feel like…dying.