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Inspiration is What Sets Godpreneurs Apart

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Sometimes a prospective client calls in and tells me, “Alex, my business is not doing well, I’ve tried everything and I don’t know what to do.  I think I need a new website.”

I start asking a variety of questions, and through my diagnosis, I identify the solution and the brand is revealed to me and I share the idea with the client and it’s like MAGIC! 

These meetings feel soooo good because I really feel like I was used in an amazing way to help someone. But sometimes I just don’t get it.  I don’t get the inspiration I need to figure it out. I’m not able to nail the brand this person needs. I can’t connect to the identity of this person or company.

We all have times in our business where we nail it, and other times where we can’t figure it out.

One makes us feel great, the other one makes us feel inadequate and questions our talent and ability.  We might even think we’re losing our touch, and might be time for a change in career direction.

In the past, I would just tell myself that this client wasn’t for me, and I’d dismiss him as if there was something wrong with him that he needs to figure out. But what if we’re exactly what the person needs, we just need the right words to say…the right perspective on their problem.

I believe God has given us Godpreneurs a great example of what it would be like to help anyone that comes across our path…because they must be in front of us for a reason.

At the end of Acts chapter 9, we see Peter going around and healing people and raiding people from the dead. Peter must have realized that when Jesus sent the Holy Spirit, it was for more than preaching and speaking in tongues. It was a spirit of power—the Spirit of Christ.

You and I, as Godpreneurs, also have the Spirit of Christ in us.  And even the most seemingly impossible situations are times that the Spirit can do its work.  Peter wasn’t a doctor, and he had never raised anyone from the dead.  But he saw Jesus do it, and Jesus said “the same power that’s in me is in you.”

We Godpreneurs need to always realize that we have the power of the Holy Spirit to bring into any of our business dealings. A sale that seems impossible to close is not impossible for the Spirit. A person you want on your team, inspiration for an idea for a client, or a huge presentation you need to give….all of these are times where God sent us the Holy Spirit.

Godpreneur Rule #70: Inspiration, which means “spirit within”, is what sets Godpreneurs apart.

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