How to Handle Haters When Starting Over in Business

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

At the very beginning of the rebuilding of my company, I had a good friend come to see me and ask what I was up to.  We had done business together and she knew I was going through a major mid-life identity crisis within myself and the company.

At the point that she came, I had already heard from God that I needed to REBUILD Creative Complex, but the steps weren’t totally clear yet. When she quizzed me on my strategy, I was stuck.

She sensed my hesitation and said the words that no entrepreneur ever wants to hear: Alex, have you thought about closing the company up and getting a JOB?

I nearly fainted. I stared blankly back into her eyes. For a moment I doubted myself and thought how nice it would be to quit and get a job. After she left, anger built up inside of me at the audacity she had to diagnose me as needing to get a job. To be honest, I’m still hurt.  I pray for that person and try to not hang out with people like that as far as I can control it.

We’re all going to have Haters come alongside to try to derail us. They can’t stand the fact that you have grit and determination to REBUILD your business.

How do you combat the Haters?  What do you do in the face of opposition?  What does God say about your enemies?

As we continue to chronicle Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the wall, we meet him in Chapter 4 as the Haters begin an attack campaign.

A hater named Sanballat shows up on the scene to hurl insults and incite others to wage an attack on the team Nehemiah had formed.  This compelled Nehemiah to take time out to pray… a curse on them! He didn’t retaliate, he didn’t render evil for evil, he used the arsenal he had—prayer!

Are you aware of “haters” in your circle? They will usually be close to you. What can you do to deflect their influence? Do you need to stop hanging out where this person hangs? How can you pray for them?  Have a list of “enemies” that you pray for.