How I Use the Nighttime to Rebuild My Businesses

Updated: Dec 20, 2021

I read somewhere that your day really starts at night.

Now, I’m very productive in the morning. I wake up ready to go after my day. I get a lot accomplished!

But what you don't know is that I set myself up for ultimate morning productivity the night before.

  • Dishes are done,

  • the gym bag is packed,

  • coffee is set up, and

  • I’ve checked my calendar and planned my next day.

Another thing I do at night is I'm moving any of my major projects forward. I use the nighttime to catch up on tasks and blast some emails for my team to read in the morning.

That's been my nighttime routine for years.

However, if I'm not careful, burning the midnight oil can also be a time of major distraction. Some things that distract me are my side projects, a game of Mario Kart, watching the news, late-night snacking, or social media snooping. 

Normally, these activities would be considered as relaxing and unwinding from a hard day of work. But when you're rebuilding and relaunching your entire business, there needs to be a refocusing of our most prized commodity: our time. Nothing on this list is part of the plan of getting the task at hand done - restarting our business, God's way.

For those of us taking on the task of rethinking, reengineering, and relaunching a business or project, the nighttime is when the enemy wants to attack. He knows that during the day you're pumped and focused. It's at night when he plots his attack.

We’ve all been preconditioned to “relax” at night and take it easy. While I believe in turning the lights down lower to wind the day down in our brain, I don’t agree that it’s a time to go to sleep on our rebuilding project.

A commitment to rebuilding a God-first business is sacred time - we were ordained to do this!  It