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How Do We Keep Going When Nobody is Buying?

Updated: Dec 27, 2020

I have this crazy desire for entrepreneurs to find their calling. I’ve written a book, held live events, done private coaching, come up with personality tests, and studied and researched countless hours to gain more knowledge and skills in the area of calling.

Not everything for me has been an instant hit or success. I’ve had to adjust, change, cancel, add, and keep on trying. I could have quit many times. I’ve been at the end of my last dollar after investing it all to further my calling.

Feeling DEFEATED is probably the biggest of all calling killers we entrepreneurs can go through. We start with so much enthusiasm in our business, then somewhere down the line, it’s like someone popped the balloon, and we’re no longer able to keep going.

When we feel called from God to do something, and after doing it for a long time with nobody responding or there’s very little progress, it discourage us, and we want to rest.

How do we keep going when it seems like nobody is listening and responding to our message?

The bible says:

But you will receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you, and you will be my witnesses in Jerusalem, and all Judea and Samaria, and to the ends of the earth.” (Acts 1:8 NIV)

The reason you’ll feel defeated when you’re in or close to your calling is that your calling from God in business is your version of missionary evangelism.

The same way someone on a mission to Guatemala was called to go from village to village spreading the gospel, God has chosen you to go out and preach your message of how your products and services are a solution to a problem. But this is exhausting work and full of much defeat and disappointment.

You are feeling DEFEATED because through your business, and the relationship customers will have with you, people will know Christ – and the enemy wants none of this to happen!

The only solution to feeling defeated is to keep on going. Why? Because people are impacted when someone has such a deep conviction for their products and services that they keep ongoing. People might not respond to the first ten attempts, but on 11, they reward you for your tenacity and persistence.

Sharing our calling in business while sharing the Gospel with clients, vendors, and employees and will cause us to endure some suffering. It will tempt us to give up and stop moving forward.

But the Holy Spirit is in all of us Godpreneurs searching for and living in our calling from God. This power within us should motivate us forward in boldness by imagining what is possible when we share the message of Christ through our business relationships and via our products and services.

Every conversation we have, regardless of the outcome, could have an impact beyond what we can see. They may not do business with us, but our passion and zeal carry over into the lives of those around our business, which then will affect those around them, and so on.

Where would we be today if Jesus’s disciples would have quit in their calling to spread the gospel? Because 12 guys were faithful to their calling, we are Christians today.

The same can be true for us, Godpreneurs. What if sharing your calling today, regardless of the immediate outcome, changed someone’s life years from now?

We are called. We are chosen. We are empowered to go out day by day to keep spreading the message. So forget about feeling DEFEATED. If God is calling us to be a light in our marketplaces, then we never know what will occur from our obedience.

Our calling in Christ is entrepreneurship. We are called to solve problems, serve our clients, break bread with employees, and go out and fish for more clients.

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I pray for continued encouragement for Godpreneurs worldwide to pursue and live out their calling! You called us to fish for people. I pray that God’s kingdom constantly multiplies as Christian entrepreneurs do Your will! I ask that more and more Christians be active in sharing their faith through their business. Help more of us all over the world to marry ministry and marketplace.


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