Help, My Spouse Is Holding Me Back in Business!

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Contrary to the title of this post, I don’t love waiting. I have a brand called Launch in 2 Days where we launch companies brands…yes…in 2 days. It’s actually 24 hours!

Ask me if I like waiting if my entire business is all about getting your business up and running over the weekend?!

Although this service is amazing, I also tend to go fast in areas of my business and marriage that I probably shouldn’t be trying to rush through. For example, I want my wife to grow spiritually as fast as I do. Similarly, I want my employees to grow professionally as quickly as I do.

Why do I want them to go as fast as me? Probably because I get sick and tired of waiting because there’s so much more work to do…

But I know I’m wrong in this area.

We married entrepreneurs have all been in a place where we’re fed up with the waiting game.

A lot of times, the battles we face in business and marriage is because we move at our own speed, often on our own (see my previous post). Our “to-do” lists keep on growing because we’re not giving time for our team to catch up to learn it so we can delegate it.

This then causes us to begin to miss church, spending morning time in prayer, and going to breakfast with our spouses or spending weekends with our family because we’ve overloaded ourselves.

Instead of charging us up, the nights and weekends are draining us. Instead of encouraging us forward, we perceive our spouse and employees to be holding us back.

But the bible says we need to commit to waiting on God. I’ve written extensively on the need for Godpreneurs to learn the art of waiting on God in our businesses.

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