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Responding to God’s Calling in Business

Updated: Sep 18, 2021

When I was a kid, I loved playing soccer. My favorite position was the goalie. In elementary school, I was always the starter. My team could count on me to stop most of the balls from scoring.

But when I got into middle school, the level of competition changed. Guys were taller, skinnier, faster, and older than me, and I didn’t have a chance at starting. I sat the bench, watching from the sidelines, waiting to see if my number would ever be called.

It took almost two years, but one day, the coach called my name to substitute for the starting goalie. I played the game of my life, and from then on, the starting goalie and I shared the position.

This gave me the confidence I needed because, honestly, I was going to quit and find another sport. When coach called me, and when I started playing more at the varsity level, my confidence skyrocketed, and I played goalie throughout high school and even into college.

In our pilgrimage to start and grow businesses, we’re all sitting on the sidelines and looking at the other successful entrepreneurs pass us by. They are bigger, wealthier, more experienced, faster, and seem to dominate so much that we don’t even know if there will be space in the market for us. We’re thinking about quitting and switching industries or even going back to a cushy nine-to-five job.

But we’re Godpreneurs, not entrepreneurs. We’ve been Called. We’re purposely putting God-First, but everything changes when the caller speaks a calling to the entrepreneur that’s hanging on to the last piece of hope – for our chance to shine!

The bible says

"On hearing this, Jesus said to them, “It is not the healthy who need a doctor, but the sick. I have not come to call the righteous, but sinners.” (Mark 2:17 NIV)

If your business is sick, if your bank account skinny and frail, if your dreams have died, then you’re in the EXACT place where God can do His best work!

You’ve willingly entered an entrepreneurial pilgrimage where God is going to reveal exactly what you were born to do. Be ready to take heart; rise, and respond to what he is calling your business to in 2019!

You come across as the hero and get recognized in business when you are audacious and tenacious in recognizing your need for God along this journey.

What you may not have realized is that Jesus has always known your business, always believed in you, and always called you! That’s what the meaning of “born to do” is.

When God calls us, God defines us. Don’t let the world stop you from what God wants you to launch. Godpreneurship is about having faith that God’s got your best interest at heart. We just need to be willing to wait in expectancy.

When God calls us, God defines us. We Godpreneurs can’t let the world stop us from what God wants us to launch. Godpreneurship is about having faith that God’s got our best interest at heart.

Godpreneur, are you willing to sit, wait, and watch from the sidelines for your number to be called? Be ready.


The Business God Created You To Start

Have you ever wondered why you received the talents and gifts you have been given? We, as entrepreneurs, were born to do.


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