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Does Your Product or Service Change Lives?

Updated: Jan 20, 2021

I was listening to a sales training and the speaker said something that I can’t stop thinking about.  He said that the best sales people are selling something they really, truly believe will change the person’s life they are dealing with.

I used to sell Carnival cruises to people.  It was my first sales job out of college.  I loved cruising!  Selling cruises was so easy because I, myself, was a cruise lover.  My wife can’t go on cruises, she gets sick.  She would make a lousy cruise sales person.

But, I think I was missing another level of salesmanship that might have made my sales percentage go up.  I’m not sure that, at the time, I felt that cruising could change someone’s life.  The reality is that IT CAN!  People going on a cruise can experience restored relationships, time with family you’ll never get back, and so many other ways it can impact your life.

We entrepreneurs sometimes think our product or service is great because people need it, but do we really believe that A) it’s an amazing product or service, and B) it will truly change someone’s life?

We are dealing with other human beings in our daily transactions.  People seek transformation, they seek to believe in something.  As entrepreneurs, the reason we exist is to satisfy these desires in an equal exchange. You get paid, they get what they really want.

Imagine if we all thought our products changed lives!  We wouldn’t stop.  We would have the energy to push through rejection, disgrace, shame, hard times, and the other that stresses that come from sales.

Without sales, there is no business…period.  It’s the lifeblood of every business, so getting this right is paramount.

In the book of Acts in the Bible, chapter 5 gives is a great example of how purpose, passion, and faith came together to provide a supernatural strength and resilience, even through the hardest of environments.  Even though the apostles were jailed and beaten for preaching the word of Jesus, they actually counted that as JOY and it only fueled their desire to go out and tell more people!

"Day after day, in the temple courts and from house to house, they never stopped teaching and proclaiming the good news that Jesus is the Messiah". (Acts 5:42)

God gives us an amazing example of how, as believers, we should feel about the gospel.  I also see an example of what it takes to have faith in what you are living and bringing to others.

For my business, I’ve tied in the message of Jesus as much as I can so that I can piggy back off of the strength and power of the spirit and the calling of my life to spread the gospel.  Since I sell websites and logos to entrepreneurs wanting to start or grow their businesses, I know im in a position to not only give someone what they want, but I truly believe having a successful business will change their lives.  And if I can get the entrepreneurs to understand that God has plans for them to succeed in that business, and that they should tap into that power, I know I’m also helping others draw closer to God through a major part of their life: their work.

I’m not the only person that can tie in a life change into their business.  We all can, we just need to seek it and look deep into what people are really buying from you.

Godpreneur Rule #173: We Godpreneurs have the responsibility and duty to help our customers experience a change in their life.

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