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Count Your Blessings Daily

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I have a list to review at least once a week of all the crazy things God has come through within my business.

Not kidding, here is the screenshot to prove it.

And this list continues….I have a separate list of BIG victories that happened. It’s for those moments where you’re like “Dude, only God could have orchestrated this!”.

The bible says

"Give praise to the Lord , proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done." (Psalms 105:1 NIV)

It’s important that we do this for a few reasons

  1. It will let you realize God is always in control.

  2. Helps you to not build pride thinking that you’re the one doing these things.

  3. Puts you in the position to receive more from God because your mindset is in gratitude attitude.

We Godpreneurs need to have the habit of always praising God for the big and little in our business, and writing it down will help us keep record so we can always be reminded that God shows up.

This is especially helpful to look at when business seems bad.

Try it out.

Comment with any other strategies you have.

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