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Be a Light to Other Entrepreneurs

Updated: Jan 28, 2021

The other day I was in the hotel lobby bar having a mineral water and dessert when a man comes next to me to order a drink from the bar tender. Down the bar he catches a glimpse of an attractive woman. He nudges me and says “take a look at that one.”

I glanced, smiled at the man, and continued eating my dessert. Some years back I might have engaged in this man scan of the bar, but things are different now.

There’s a lot of habits I had to start changing when I decided I was going to let God be my boss and my company’s CEO. I realized that I had a new responsibility to be an example of a changed leader to my employees, clients and vendors.

What if that man that nudged me was a potential client, who later on would find out I’m a believer and married. He wouldn’t have not done business with me, but I wouldn’t have been able to be the best light possible in his life.

My change as a Christian entrepreneur wasn’t overnight, and sometimes I still say a curse word or two, but its dramatically less than before. But I didn’t realize this right away. For a while, I was going to church and doing the right things outwardly, but inside I hadn’t fully built my trust in Christ.

Instead of being a “light in the world”, I was behaving like an unbeliever.

We may profess a deep trust in Christ, but what we truly believe will emerge in our words and attitude. Take a moment to consider your conversations with other entrepreneurs. What characteristics would stand out to them? Do you have a tendency to gossip, argue, curse, or complain?

If so, you may want to reevaluate the source of your contentment. Problems will arise in business, people will make you upset, there will always be an opportunity to lose your cool.

As Christians, we have an eternal hope in Christ that allows us to face the challenges of life with calmness and peace. If you find yourself relying on favorable business circumstances or the actions of employees to bring you happiness, ask God to strengthen your faith in Him.

Let your words and actions reflect the love of Christ in your business life and be a light to your employees, prospects, vendors, and other entrepreneurs.

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