A Christian Entrepreneurs Guide to Meditation

Table of contents

Christian entrepreneurs operate businesses in an uncertain world. We choose to struggle to survive on our own or partner with God on a faith-filled adventure of uncertainty and dependency on His word. Without a practical way of connecting with God, we're prone to fear and stress. Thankfully, God designed us with a desire for worship and connecting to Himself, our creator. Meditation helps us entrepreneurs connect with God, which, by his grace, calms our busy brains for less anxiety and more enjoyment in life - the promise of heaven on earth.

Too good to be true? Nope! Both science and the Bible agree that meditation rewires and transforms our brains – for the better.


I've heard that meditation is great. Still, as a Christian entrepreneur, I had two struggles: 1) I didn't want to be influenced by new-age spiritual philosophy, and 2) I didn't have hours every day to sit down in total silence.

So, I began to explore the science behind meditation and what the Bible says about medi