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When Entrepreneurs Wake Up Frustrated and Confused

Updated: Mar 13, 2021

Sometimes I wake up so frustrated at the things I’m doing or NOT doing in my business. I know the power of focusing on one industry, one service, one product, and one message. But there’s just so much to do!

So...what’s my mission?!

All entrepreneurs go through foggy stretches where we get confused about our mission in life.

When this happens, I turn to the Bible for peace and clarity because ‘fog’ is a very frustrating place to be, especially for a guy like me that’s into ‘vision’ so much.

We’re all managers in God’s company. So first step is realizing that you’re not the ultimate owner, you’ve just been trusted to be the President of a certain division of God’s huge company.

Knowing this, then we can understand that fundamentally our great purpose as Godpreneurs is to GIVE God GLORY in our business, receive and reflect his LOVE to our TEAM, and act as His agents in bringing BENEFIT to the lives of our CLIENTS.

That’s why you were created to be a Godpreneur. That’s why you were redeemed.

So when you wake up foggy, and you get that frustration of “What’s my life’s main purpose?", I want you to remember: “In all your ways acknowledge him” (Proverbs 3:6).

What if we all woke up saying “God, I am working for you today. Thanks for letting me into your company.”

How much easier would our daily decision-making get if we began each day like this?

Try it out.

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