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The Secret Behind Not Worrying About Money

Updated: Jan 23, 2021

I love sitting with entrepreneurs or those thinking about making the plunge and helping them discover their identity. I have to admit that I’m inspired by it. Inspired means “spirit within.” This means that the Spirit within me receives a message from God and I simply am a vessel of delivering the message.

But I’ll admit that I don’t always give credit to God. Everytime someone says “OMG Alex you’re a genius, thank you so much for helping me,” I get pumped up and my ego goes through the roof. It’s confirmation that I’m some kind of fortune teller!

One time, after solving a clients problem, he turned to me and said “Alex, you walk on water.” I’ll never forget, because I remember thinking, yeah, maybe I do walk on water and perform miracles like Jesus!

We can do this as entrepreneurs. We figure out what we’re gifted and talented at, and others confirm it, and we can easily go down the road of thinking we’re some big shots. From there we write books, teach courses, get famous, and become rich!

And going down this path, we can easily lose ourselves and lose the perspective that, as Godpreneurs, we’re doing God’s work.

In Acts 14, Paul and Barnabas are going from city to city preaching the good news. They are doing what they were born and commanded to do, and they were having huge success! People were practically worshiping them! They healed a man who couldn’t walk, and they called them GODS!  But Paul and Barnabas were very quick to point and give credit to God. They stopped the non-sense of being worshiped for what God had done through them.

Can you imagine your client calling you God? Can you imagine how amazing that would feel?

The temptation is there for me and you to take the spotlight. But we have to battle that, and we always have to be giving credit to God.

If we do this, I believe it will keep our minds on helping more and more people, not helping our ego more and more. When we feed the side that wants to help more and more people, I believe the money and fame take care of themselves.

Paul, from the Bible, didn’t care about fame and fortune. He just wanted to preach. And look….2000 years later he’s arguably the most famous person in the Bible after Jesus.

Godpreneur Rule #67: always give credit to God for the gifts and talents you have to serve others.

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