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Help, I’m Stuck Trading Time for Money

Updated: Jan 8, 2021

In my business it’s very easy to get into the rhythm of doing project after project. People always need logos and websites.  The projects take anywhere between 2-4 days, and if you are busy like me, you could be doing work for weeks before getting a break.

I also have other endeavors that are more in the space of speaking, coaching and consulting.  This side of my business also brings me tons of joy.  It’s a huge field with so much reward because I get to help many people at once, as opposed to one-on-one branding work.

There’s a huge difference between doing a project for a client and creating an online course that will help hundreds and thousands.

I’ve struggled for years in this constant tug of war between client work vs. the personal development space.  It’s not a matter of either or, I like doing both.  The problem is that I’m so busy with the client work that I can’t get to developing the other work that will bless so many others.

Where do you think God would want us Godpreneurs?

If we could admit to ourselves, some of us are stuck playing in the little league of trading time for money, and meanwhile there’s a major league of opportunity waiting for our true gifts and talents to be stirred.

I have other dreams and goals that I want to accomplish.  I want to create more online courses, host more live events, speak at more conferences and write more books and blog posts.

But I also get stuck in the project work.

What do we do when we feel like we’re stuck in the rat race of doing work, yet there’s this other burning desire to do so much more and serve so many other people?

Maybe you’re not at my point, where you’re eager to get out and teach and show others what you’ve learned.

Maybe you’re still in the ‘project based’ mindset, but you too feel trapped because there’s so much more to do.

Listen, God didn’t sow gifts inside of us so we could use it for a few people, he sowed seeds of greatness in us so that through us, God could do more for others.

I know many people (like me) who are playing the small business client game yet they feel discontent where they are at.  They know there’s a bigger play to make, a pivot to a bigger growth opportunity, but they’re afraid:

  1. Afraid they wouldn’t have great content to contribute

  2. Afraid they’d bring on too much work, so it would all come crumbling down

  3. Afraid of failure

  4. Afraid of rejection or being made fun of by industry colleagues

But what if God’s been waiting on us to trust him and take that leap of faith into this new dimension of business?

Reminds me of the closing statements Paul wrote to The Ephesians, this great pep talk exit:

"Now to him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to his power that is at work within us," Ephesians 3:20 NIV

In today’s bible reading, Paul was reminding them in the end that they had a great power now, and to use that to their advantage and growth.

God wants to turn you and I lose to use us for much greater things.  If you haven’t gotten this bug yet, then you will.  God’s still tweaking a few things in you, then he’ll reveal.

But for those of us that have been called to this, it’s time to stand up and answer the calling of taking our gifts and talents to all new levels.

Are you trading time for money when you know you have a calling to go BIG LEAGUES with something?

What keeps you from using those gifts?

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